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Meet the Rubber City Information Technology team

Small, powerful and ever flexible the team at Rubber City I.T. is here to serve you!

When we decided to hit the road and go our own way we looked out at the current landscape and saw something missing in our fine city of Akron. That something was a true service for small businesses. So we sought out the makings of the best possible service package we could find. By combing a strong "Shop Local" platform with the very same service approach used by many of the worlds largest companies, Rubber City I.T. provides a truly 360 degrees of service for your business. From hyper local marketing to outstanding technology services, we believe we simply cannot be beat!

Sean B. Sutton

By combining over 25 years of experience in technical systems and process Sean brings the technical focus to Rubber City I.T. and it's solutions. His solution focus is "People, Process and Technology" and his ability to sort the forest from the trees enabled Rubber City I.T. to create it's partnership with and the numerous other solution providers that when packaged properly, provide the highest value for any local business.

Stay tuned as we add our other team members.

Our team members all use virtual technologies to reduce the burdensome overhead created by maintaining a physical office. This allows us to provide the lowest cost and highest value for our customers.